Mary the Speaker

Someone once told me that I have had nine lives… that is almost true. A Vocal Performance major, turned private vocal coach, turned school teacher, turned corporate sales professional, turned Aesthetician… and a few things in between, is not the norm. However the variety and contrast has proven to be the key to my inner strength and ability roll with the punches. Having gone from the all too familiar, creative world, that fit me like a glove, into the world of corporate sales, was a contrast, but a need. Going from the world of corporate sales, to my present career as an Aesthetician, proved to be the game changer in my life. But, it didn’t all happen with the flip of a switch. With each change came risk, and with each risk came reward, preempted with it’s own set of growing pains. It seemed as a single woman, the stakes only got higher. Walking away from corporate america, and all of the benefits that came with it, was a true leap of faith. That saying, “Leap, and the net will appear” never hit closer to home. So what kept me going? Two things… faith and my rock, my father. The two strongest forces in my life were always in my ear, saying… “you got this.”

As a speaker I draw from my diversified careers, life’s hurdles and lessons learned, to encourage women of every age, no matter where they may find themselves in life, it is never unfixable… it is never too late. You can be whatever you want to be, or do whatever you dream, if you want it badly enough and you are willing to put in the hard work… and have a little faith. Because, once you get the ball rolling,  you will surprise yourself at your own strength and your abilities. Sometimes it just takes a little shove, but when you persevere, you just may become unstoppable! I will also delve into the importance of taking care of yourself  from the inside out, going beyond skin… the role that health and wellness plays in one’s life overall, and how it is an integral piece of the whole puzzle… and of course, I will share about the career that is my passion… skincare.

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